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Our Dreams Awakened

When we take time to catch our breath and look around, a heartbeat can be found in the earth’s deep constant rhythms... Our dreams can then awaken to the beauty and dignity with which they were born.

- Alexandra Cipuzak

My painting, “Earth’s Rhythms”, was inspired by my many visits to Rockport, MA and the scenic shores of Maine. Indeed, my remembrance of those times bring special meaning to Alexandra Cipuzak’s writing of Earth’s deep constant rhythm. The pounding waves on a rocky shore, the freshness of the salty air and the peace found within is not readily forgotten.  My impressionistic style of painting does not, and is not meant to replicate the image, as would a camera, but rather to capture a mood: a feeling of nature’s majesty. “Earth’s Rhythms” hopefully  takes the viewer to their own place, remembered or imagined, which awakens their senses to the beauty and joy of our earth. As with songs or poetry, paintings bring forth a message that is as unique and personal to the recipient as it is to the musician, poet or painter who created it. Just as each of us will have our own thoughts and emotions viewing a majestic shoreline, each of us will be struck differently by images created by the artist, writer or musician.  Our dreams and awakenings are uniquely ours.


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