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A Creative Journey


The large, 13″ x 11″ hard cover art book features 110 of Plesh’s contemporary paintings with narrative text about the art and the artist. 120 full-color pages, printed on heavyweight, high luster, premium paper stock.

Featuring impressionistic and expressionistic paintings by contemporary American artist, Jim Plesh. with narrative text on the artist and his work.

Printed in full color on high lustre, premium paper stock. 120 pages. Large 11″ x 13″ format.                  Review or Buy this Book




Through insight and vision supported by over fifty years in the creative industry as creative director, artist, painter, designer, photographer, gallery owner and founder of Plesh Creative Group, Inc., Jim Plesh presents personal experiences, ideas and commentaries on art, creativity and life.
This publication is a compilation of some favored articles.

95 pages, 7” x 7”, high luster paper. Available with hard or soft cover.

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Memories transferred to canvas 

Artist Spotlight 

By Kathy O’Flinn

“Enchanted,” 20”x24” acrylic on canvas Jim Plesh After the last of his staff left the office for the day, Jim Plesh would stay behind and paint. The weekends, too, were another opportunity to paint his own personal fine art.

Throughout his 50-year career in the greeting card industry, Plesh continued to draw and paint. Greeting cards are commercial work, so you have to stick to a regimen, he explained. “When I painted, I painted as a creative outlet,” he said.

His first job in the greeting card industry was with American Greetings and his first card was of the Last Supper. “I used to work real tight, photographic. Then I evolved. I’m at a point now where I forget about the academics and I just paint what I feel,” said Plesh.

His paintings are not intended to be representational art. In his Regatta Series, for example, he tries to capture a feeling of movement or the impression of wind billowing the sails. While he admits he is not a sailor and his experience has been limited to boating off Boston or Newport, sailors have told him he has captured that feeling.

Artist Jim Plesh Staff | “Enchanted” is a perfect example of his memories transferred to canvas. He remembers fields and standing in water. He’ll start with the sky, add green fields and pink flowers and water. There isn’t any painting of his where he looks to a reference – a photograph for example. Working with color and design and composition he tries to create what he considers a handsome landscape, one that people would want to look at or live in.

He calls himself fortunate in knowing early on what he wanted his career to be. A graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Plesh was in the creative field from the age of 19, starting as a designer, then an art director, creative director and vice president and eventually founding his own design business, Plesh Creative Group. “My whole background is greeting cards,” he said. In his career he’s been responsible for well over 100, 000 greeting cards. “I loved it. You get paid for what you love to do. It’s awesome,” he said.

At this stage of his life he can now paint full time and explore other creative pursuits. He recently has delved into designing apparel, working with Vida. His artwork has been transferred to 100 pieces, mostly tops and scarves. “I’m enjoying it. I put it on Facebook and some is starting to sell,” he said with delight.

In addition to galleries in New England and Fort Lauderdale, Plesh’s paintings can be seen at Galerie du Soleil at 393 Broad Ave. South in Naples. To see more of his work visit or email


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